The Types Of Reflective Stickers And Their Uses


Reflective stickers are made light-reflective materials that are great for use in poor lighting conditions. They're rarely used for advertising. However, they are ideal for signage and messages that need to be visible when hit with a beam of light. They're also, generally, made with strong adhesives and therefore, commonly used for outdoor use. The graphics/designs used on reflective stickers do not actually glow and look similar to ordinary stickers during the daylight. Their qualities only show when hitting with light during dark conditions.

Two Main Types of Reflection Techniques

  • Diffused Reflection - Generally used on paper or cloth, and therefore, suitable for some industrial uses. This technique allows a beam of light to bounce off the material to give a soft reflection.
  • Retro-Reflection - Is the most popular reflection technique in use. It involves using very small beads of aluminum-coated glass in a vaporized form to reflect light. They are then attached to plastic and made into signs. This technique allows the reflective stickers to appear to be lit up when hit by light.

Some Popular Uses

  • Vehicles and Trailers - This is, perhaps, the most popular use of reflective stickers. While most vehicles have reflectors in one form or another, reflective stickers can be used for added visibility. This is especially important for vehicles parked in obscure places or in high traffic areas.
  • Bikes, Motorcycles, and Helmets - Reflective stickers provide added safety measures for bikes and motorcycles. Furthermore, helmets, including construction helmets, can be fixed with reflective tapes and stickers to increase visibility in the dark while also providing safety in accidents.
  • Sewn to Fabrics - They can be used on fabric-based materials such as life jackets or school bags to make the wearers and carriers more visible during emergencies. However, reflective fabrics are a better option for this than the stickers.
  • Driveways and Letterboxes - They can help guide the car into and away from dimly lit driveways at night. They can be used on fences and letterboxes for better visibility.
  • Boats and Ships - Reflective stickers or tapes on the various parts of sea vessels can be the difference between safety and tragedy. They can be used on different sides of the vessel or on protruding edges.
  • Doorways and Low Hanging Objects - They can be used as a warning above low height doorways to prevent injuries. Similarly, they can be used for low hanging pipes that can cause head injuries.
  • Factories - They can be used for safety instructions and warnings in factories.
  • Warehouse Floors - They can be used along the flooring to mark safety areas or provide directions in emergency situations.
  • Safety Cones - They can be added to the, already, vibrant colors to guide traffic and prevent accidents.
  • Advertising - Though very rarely used for this purpose, reflective stickers printing can be used for low-light advertising. This is, especially, used for brands advertising their safety products such as bike helmets or even, sticker makers advertising their reflective stickers.

Some Things to Consider:

  • They require flat surfaces for placement. Stickers that are not neatly placed may not serve their primary purposes - safety and visibility.
  • They require strong adhesives as they are commonly exposed to different weather and pressure conditions.